Cool Things

Cool Things

May 11th 2022 Staff

Making our homes more energy efficient is at the top of the spring-summer to-do list but where to start? Since heating and cooling is our #1 home energy expense it goes without saying we’re well-insulated. But that’s still where most of our customers look to save. Ceiling fans are a great tool for reducing the cost of cooling and warming the house. Here’s how they work:

  1. Buy a quality fan sized for the room and switch the mode to summer on the remote.
  2. The air gently flows toward the floor causing a cooling effect not unlike the way a wind chill makes the actual air temp to feel colder.
  3. Set your air conditioning up 7 degrees and your room will feel comfy and cool as the blades quietly turn. Even on hot days, your ceiling fan will keep you comfortable, costing pennies to run compared to your AC.
  4. In winter, switch the mode on your remote and the blades turn the opposite way. They pull cool air up off the floor, mixing with warmer air near the ceiling and the room feels warmer. Instantly.

So, wait. Why is everyone also rushing to buy an outdoor ceiling fan? We think it’s because our summers are fleeting here in southern Wisconsin, we’ll do anything to extend and enjoy our time outside MORE. On a still evening an outdoor fan gently cools the air around you. And bonus, the bugs have trouble biting! We’ve got fans for damp-rated spaces and wet rated spaces like the front porch, inside a gazebo, under a pergola and the family screen porch. You’re gonna love your outdoor fan, promise.

Start by measuring the space where your fan will live including the ceiling height. Check this out to learn about quality fans and why you want one of ours. And then visit us at Madison Lighting, we’re experts at helping people find a beautiful fan that will make your living spaces more energy efficient, more comfortable, and stylish, too.

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