Floor & Table Lamps

A great lamp doesn’t even have to be turned on to brighten a room. Sculptural, beautifully finished, displayed at the right height, a lamp glows with personality and light. Best of all? It’s portable. Refresh a room simply by moving a lamp and let its light accent another area of a room. Madison Lighting carries thousands of table lamps and floor lamps online and displays hundreds in our Madison WI showroom. Table lamps, floor lamps, accent lamps and torchieres. Contemporary to Craftsman, from 6” in height to 6’ plus.

Use a floor lamp in a small space where there’s no room for a table and lamp like this-

  • Tuck a floor lamp behind a sofa to add height and balance to a room.
  • Get task light in the center of a room.
  • In a small bedroom use a floor lamp instead of a lamp and nightstand.
  • Light a unique ceiling, interesting woodwork, or a dark corner to open up a room with a torchiere floor lamp. Splashing light up draws the eye upward.

Use table lamps for accent and task lighting.

  • Use a lamp as art on a table.
  • A lamp acts as an accent or focal point, a gathering point in a room.
  • Lamps on nightstands in the bedroom.
  • A table lamp at the right height makes a reading nook.

Our Certified Lighting Consultants go several steps further to help you select lamps that are truly useful. Lamps belong in every room in the house. Shop now online or visit our Madison showroom.

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