Lighting Specialist - 5 years of lighting design experience

An empty-nester, Christina is enjoying her dogs and traveling as much as humanly possible. With 15 years of interior design experience, she'd be delighted to help you update and rejuvenate your home with new lighting and décor.

Email Me | 608-661-1509

Advanced Knowledge:

  • ALA Lighting Specialist
  • BS in Business Marketing, University of Texas - San Antonio
  • First Job: Waitress at Ponderosa Steakhouse

Design Advice:
The colors and design of a home should be a reflection of the people who live inside.



Lighting Specialist - 25 years of lighting design experience

Danielle’s singular professional focus has been in lighting, but we can’t understand how she keeps her amateur status in all things fun.

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Advanced Knowledge:

  • ALA Lighting Specialist
  • First Job: Montello Foods

Design Advice:

Two rules for a successful lighting design:

  1. Don't tell people everything you know.


Lighting Specialist - 20 years of lighting design experience

Connie is both an accomplished artist and holds an interior design degree. We’re not sure she ever even uses her left brain.

Email Me | 608-661-1507

Advanced Knowledge:

  • ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
  • Madison College Interior Design degree
  • First Job: fireworks sales, Uncle Sam’s

Design Advice:
Creativity is no substitute for knowing what you're doing.


Mary Ellen

Lighting Specialist - 24 years of lighting design experience

Mary Ellen has over 24 years of experience designing, building and selling model homes. She must have started when she was 10.

Email Me | 608-661-1512

Advanced Knowledge:

  • ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
  • First Job: ice cream scooper, Happy Joe’s

Design Advice:
A room without lighting is like, you know, night.

coming soon


Lighting Specialist - 18 years of lighting design experience

Lovisa’s prior experience working for a home builder proves invaluable when the all too cryptic construction lingo starts flying. With her there’s never any confusion that blind nailing is nailing performed by the visually impaired or that a butt joint is…well you get the point.

Email Me | 608-661-1504

Advanced Knowledge:

  • ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
  • UW Stout, Interior Design
  • First Job: cleaning specialist, Champion Cleaners

Design Advice:
Lighting design is not about the number of lights or the lumens they emit. It's about the story they tell." - Rogier van der Heide.



Lighting Specialist - 6 years of lighting design experience

An experienced interior designer and certified home staging expert, Linda has now focused her keen eye on lighting. Let her show you how to “stage” your home as you continue to live in it.

Email Me | 608-661-1510

Advanced Knowledge:

  • Northern Illinois University, Interior Design
  • Accredited, Staging Professional Master (ASPM)
  • First Job: Housekeeping Facilitator, Marriot Hotels

Design Advice:
Spread some light and shine!



Lighting Specialist - 8 years of lighting design experience

Tyler returned to Madison, joined the family business, and caught the lighting fever we all have. Tom’s really glad.

Email Me | 608-661-1506

Advanced Knowledge:

  • ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
  • University of Minnesota, BA
  • First Job: Warehouse Activity Facilitator (grunt), Madison Lighting

Design Advice:
Accessorizing counts as exercise!



Lighting Specialist - 45 years of lighting design experience

Although Dan’s focus is on multi-family and senior living projects, he’s actually better suited for motorcycles, ribs, and country music.

Email Me | 608-661-1523

Advanced Knowledge:

  • ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
  • First Job: seafood chef, Nino’s Steakhouse

Design Advice:
Warning; only half of all lighting designers are good at math, and the other two-thirds don't care.


Lighting Specialist - 1 year of lighting design experience

While working as a Middle School art teacher in Salt Lake City, Utah, Missy developed a love of interior design. We’re lucky she decided to pursue it and continue her design journey at Madison Lighting while her spouse attends UW Madison completing his MFA.

Email Me | 608-661-1511

Advanced Knowledge:

  • ALA Lighting Specialist
  • Dixie State University – Secondary Art Education
  • First Job: Wallace Stegner Academy – Art Teacher Grades 5-8

Design Advice:
“Nail the basics first, detail the details later.”


Lighting Specialist - 2 years of lighting design experience

Discovering design through her photography, Emily explored the properties of lighting as it could transform a space. She now helps others bring their space to light, creating living spaces that are picture perfect.

Email Me | 608-661-1514

Advanced Knowledge:

  • Education: Bachelor's degree, UW-La Crosse, Business Management
  • First Job: Server at an 80's themed breakfast club


Lighting Specialist - 15 years of residential and small business Interior Design experience

Carolyn’s skills bring interior design and lighting together. Working with clients and their spaces, finding their inspiration and their favorite room elements, adding color theory, then transforming it with light.

Email Me | 608-661-1508

Advanced Knowledge:

  • ALA Lighting Specialist
  • Associates Interior Design degree, MATC, Mequon
  • First Job: TJ’s Balloons in Cedarburg, WI

Design Advice:
Determine your goal for the space, how do you want to feel here? Once you know this, the plan will come together.


Technical Support and Service - 29 years of lighting related experience

It’s really hard to narrow what “Berto” does down to a singular job title or description, but we know when he’s done, whatever the problem was has been fixed.

Email Me | 608-661-1520

Advanced Knowledge:

  • First Job: dance instructor

Design Advice:
When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.



Distribution & Support

A perpetual whirlwind of activity, we can’t focus Galen on any one job activity long enough to pick a favorite. Within the same hour you’re likely to find him working in the warehouse, working with customers on the showroom floor, delivering orders, repairing fixtures, and building displays. We’re actually delighted his photo isn’t just a blur.

Email Me | 608-661-1517

Advanced Knowledge:

  • First Job: Paper route

Design Advice:
Less is more…more or less.

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