Building a Home? Save Time and Money!

Save money and beat internet pricing by 20-25% when you’re granted the discount we extend to builders and interior designers. Pay less than our everyday low pricing for an additional year past your closing on more than 100,000 fixtures and fans.

1. Start planning

  • Some customers work with their builder or an interior designer, and some use the expertise of our lighting consultants. We welcome you and your team to the process.
  • Create a file of appealing light fixtures photos, and/or room shots from Instagram, Pinterest, or Houzz.
  • Start a WISH LIST on Madison Lighting’s website. Organize by room or by style. Keep notes on what you like about each fixture. Sharing your Wish List with our experts and your interior designer or builder is a great way to communicate with us between design consultations.
  • Collect samples of flooring, carpeting, countertops, tile, and paint.
  • Get a copy of your house plan and detailed kitchen plan.
  • Know your budget or contract allowance.
  • Know your new home’s address.
  • Call us to schedule an appointment with a Madison Lighting Lighting Specialist about the time your builder digs the basement.
  • We’ll help with your selection process, steering you quickly through the thousands of lighting options available.

2. During Your Project

  • We will order, receive shipment, and store all fixtures for your builder or interior designer, then deliver them to your site when needed, eliminating the need for you to make repetitive job site visits delivering internet purchases.
  • We will order your fixtures to keep your project on schedule.
  • If needed, we’ll schedule and coordinate a jobsite walkthrough with you, your builder, interior designer, and electrician at the “rough-in” stage of construction.
  • We’ll review placement of all fixtures, making sure sizes and heights are appropriate.
  • We’ll resolve conflicts with framing, ductwork, and plumbing. Along with you and your electrician, we’ll locate your switching preferences together.
  • Any last-minute additions or subtractions? We’re here!

Our Staff
Lighting 101

3. Working with you

  • We’re uniquely trained to create beautiful spaces with light.
  • We have a vast selection of light fixtures, including many not available online. Our staff are experts at finding the right fixtures!
  • We’ll create an individual, functional design for your home and family.
  • Enjoy custom service at no additional cost. We will work independently with you or partner with your interior design team, builder, and electrician.
  • We’ll give you a thorough and accurate quote.

4. Working with your builder

  • We’ll provide your on-site contractors with a finished, professional lighting layout.
  • We’ll identify fixture type, location, light bulbs, dimming, and switching, translating your wishes into detailed instructions.
  • We deliver to your job site on schedule.

5. After Completion

  • Our one-year in-home service warranty, along with the manufacturer’s product warranty, will cover all material and labor charges.

Ready to get started? Ask your builder or interior designer who their Madison Lighting Specialist is, or call us yourself! We look forward to helping you find the perfect lighting options.