Innovative Lighting Design for your HomeWell it’s here. The end of daylight savings time has pitched us into the dark. It’s 6pm in my kitchen and it looks like midnight outside. It makes us all a little nutty. Fortunately, you can add light to your home (and home office) bringing beautiful comfort to your life.

In a time when changing a lightbulb can challenge us (“What are lumens and how many do I need?”) it’s important to get light right. At Madison Lighting we believe it’s not just adding light, its crafting dimension indoors and out using the opposite of light- shadow! When a neighbor in Sun Prairie put in a double row of path lights along their front walk, my husband said it looked like an airport runway. Not the look they were trying to achieve, I’m sure. By adding so much light the effect was flat and uninteresting. Washing the landscape with light and shadow is so much prettier!

At Madison Lighting we’re lighting experts, and it about more than lumens! It’s about painting your home with light like an artist. We all have a favorite room, sometimes to the exclusion of another. In doing this work we help homeowners rediscover living spaces like a kitchen that never felt like the heart of a recent customer’s home. With the help of current kitchen photos they’d taken we suggested starting with some light over the counters. That warmed things up immediately. Then we added a gorgeous pendant over their kitchen table and made it a place they want to spend time. Softly lighting your bedroom makes it a refuge at the end of the day. And a pendant or lamp on the nightstand within an easy reach from bed? Perfection. We can pull you out of the dark. Adding light will bring beautiful comfort to your life this winter. Light changes everything.