1. Savoring Summer

    I love summer. I love sweet corn and strawberries. I love lazy weekend evenings at home after a satisfying day in my garden. I sit on our porch, feet up, listening to the birds, and feeling the gently cooling breeze of my ceiling fan. The fan chases bugs away, runs so quietly I can hear the crickets…Read More

  2. Gettin’ Out There

    After a winter of cabin fever, we burst outside in summer. Morning coffee on the deck. Sweetcorn suppers on the porch. A glass of wine with the neighbors under the stars. There’s only one tiny little issue and after the rotten winter we just had I hate to even mention it. But, there are these Wisc…Read More

  3. Fan Yourself

    Summer is a breath away. A close, warm, and possibly humid breath. Bedrooms get so stuffy in summer, don’t they?! At a time of day when I want to sleep comfortably on cool sheets, windows open, crickets chirping, I get restless sleep and wake up to close the windows and turn the AC on. Crabby? You…Read More

  4. 1st Home On a Budget

    $1200? A whole house on $1200, and NOT from a big box store? I get that a lot and here is one example of it. This home was built by Cosgrove Construction in Edgerton, Wisconsin. They’re nice people, fun to work with, and insist on quality. So in this house I tapped Kichler. I selected lighting tha…Read More

  5. Sleep

    Even with the air conditioning running customers tell me they can’t get comfortable, are more wakeful, and just kind of miserable trying to sleep at night. It seems that a ceiling fan in the bedroom is a comfort a lot people just won’t do without. They don’t care about the energy savings as mu…Read More

  6. On the Other Porch

    Suppers on the screen porch. Heaven! But when the breeze stops blowing you head for the house. Think about it, you could enjoy your porch just about everyday with a soft breeze, so add a ceiling fan for damp locations. This porch in Waunakee is outfitted with an Emerson fan made to take our Wisconsi…Read More

  7. On the Porch

    It’s a lot of fun, sitting on the front porch and watching the world go by. Play a game of cards with one of your kids out there. Read the paper, online of course. The single thing that makes it work in Wisconsin is a ceiling fan for damp locations. And in Wisconsin that’s a tall order. The fan …Read More

  8. A Beautiful Ceiling Fan?

    If you think ceiling fans should be tucked up near the ceiling and unseen, think again! Today’s ceiling fans are all about décor. The blade style, the motor housing, the finishes, it can all add up to a beautiful statement that’s mesmerizing when you stare up at it. A ceiling fan can take your …Read More

  9. Ceiling Fans Save $

    Summer. It’s ceiling fan season (though we love ‘em in winter, too!) and we see so many customers that are ready to move up from a big-box-store ceiling fan to a quality fan. Why? Your fan can make your room feel up to 7 degrees cooler by creating a gentle “wind chill” effect. Set your therm…Read More

  10. Ceiling Fans: The Mini!

    The really hot stuff hasn’t hit us yet here in Wisconsin. Right about July 25th, that hot spell slips over us sometimes bringing with it a rather humid chaser. My favorite recommendation? A mini! Here we picture it over a desk, but wow, perfect for a bathroom, a walk-in closet, a pantry, any small…Read More