Your Night Light

Your Night Light

Jun 20th 2022 Staff

Summer has finally arrived, we’re loving the outdoors, and just try to get us back inside. We’re out there every minute we can grab. We’re serving supper outside. We’re reading the Sunday paper outside. We’re growing tomatoes, playing whiffle ball, talking over the fence with neighbors. Ahhhh. Summer.

As we wind down our days, connect with nature, and dream of endless summer, we think of adding just a touch of night lighting outside. Low light, really low, like moonlight. It’s nighttime and we don’t want to turn it into day. Soft carriage lights by the front door and garage doors. Landscape lighting that’s as gentle and lovely as a moonlit night. Dimmers to adjust your lighting so you can make it brighter if needed. Just what you’ve been looking for!

Aside from the safety of exterior lighting at home, there are real, tangible reasons for using only very low light in the night landscape. And because we’re connoisseurs of light, we embrace the need to care for our planet with respect to light. At we found that bird migration is disrupted by bright light pointed up toward the sky. That the insects your songbirds feed on are blinded by bright blue white light and a significant food source for birds is lost. And we learned that by using exterior light at night in the amber-red range rather than blue-white allows you to see the stars again. Best practices for night lighting including:

  • It’s only on when needed
  • Only light the area that needs it
  • Be no brighter than necessary
  • Minimize blue light emissions
  • Eliminate upward-directed light

By fitting these simple guidelines into your exterior lighting, you protect wildlife while you enjoy our night sky. Come and see us. We offer expertise you find anywhere else. And we’re experts at bringing style to light.

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