Your Lighter, Brighter Kitchen

Your Lighter, Brighter Kitchen

Oct 2nd 2023 Staff

This weekend was the tipping point, did you notice it, too? It’s so dark in the mornings! We love all the fall veggies, the flowers, crisp evenings, and beautiful skies. But those dark mornings! Throw off the covers, look for your slippers under the bed, and wander to the kitchen for a coffee. But even with all the lights on, it’s darker than the sunny, joyful kitchen you dream of? This is something we can fix with style. Your very own, ‘No Demo Reno’!

Swapping out light fixtures to add light and your own flair, adding additional lighting to create usable space, it’s all in a day’s work for us. Well, we call it work, but actually it’s so much fun. And we never forget that while it’s fun for us and the design ideas just flow, it can be really hard for customers. As in intimidating. Or overwhelming. It can even induce...mental gridlock.

You want a lighter space. You want brighter countertops. You need light near the coffee grinder and your beloved drip coffee maker because there isn’t any light at all right there. In fact, had you designed your kitchen, you would have showered it with light. But, since you love your neighbors you stay, and you make do. No more of that. Let’s get some light in there!

Take some pictures of your kitchen. Measure it from end to end and up to the ceiling. Then, take a pic of your favorite room in the house before you come see us on Watts Road in Madison. Walk us through your pictures, we want to see what you see. And when we do, we’ll walk through that kitchen as we stroll our showroom with you, adding more light here and there, while adding your style. We’ll help make it the kitchen you love, even on the darkest mornings.

Our kitchen designers work with interior designers, the best kitchen designers, and some amazing homebuilders. Through a lot of design training, we’ve learned how to light indoors and out, and we follow the trends and style, along with ever changing technology. We know how to bring your style to light. Talk with our experts and for even more personal service make an appointment in our showroom. See you soon!

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