Your Kitchen

Your Kitchen

Sep 1st 2023 Staff

Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen is the most complex. Combining cooking with entertaining, craft and family, its a space that requires planning and an excellent use of space. But our number one job in helping people refresh their kitchen is making it personal. A place that reflects your style and the way you use the kitchen.

The question that stops customers in their tracks? How do you use this (kitchen/dining room/family room) space? Yes, it’s about the tasks like food prep, baking, leisurely family dinners, express breakfasts, and even a spot to complete a work project. But our homes are more about how we feel in them, not simply utilitarian.

Should your kitchen be sleek and minimalist with cabinets that disappear into the walls, quiet countertops, and a simple study in light and shadow? We have the lighting designers, the fixtures, the dimmers and connectivity to make it simply seamless.

Or would your kitchen feel more like home with mixed materials of painted wood and marble, brass trims and tile? You choose to make a space where your inner creative side comes alive with the craftsmanship it features.

Or is it the casual kitchen that lives large in an open floor plan, a little farmhouse, a bit rustic luxe, and 100% you. With an island to gather around, or a peninsula that beckons each morning. Did you want a coffee bar a la` Jean Stoffer in The Established Kitchen? Or a banquette for seating under a window? You crave a kitchen where light and calm connect you to soothe your home-time.

Got it! Seriously, our kitchen designers have worked alongside architects, interior designers, kitchen designers, and homeowners for years, infusing beautiful design with light. Through partnerships and deep relationships, we bring kitchens that need love, to kitchens that need a complete makeover, to light.

Talk it through with our experts make an appointment in our showroom.

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