Your Home’s Heart & Soul

Your Home’s Heart & Soul

Sep 6th 2022 Staff

It’s one of those things we all agree on, the kitchen is sort of the beating heart of a home. Some of our best childhood memories happened in the kitchen. When we move, it’s the first room we figure out. And as an adult, the kitchen is the source of so many great meals. So when it starts to look tired it’s a big deal. A kitchen reno is often a mess, expensive, a lot of work, and mostly nerve-wracking as we try to land on what we want to live with for the next several years.

At Madison Lighting they approach it a little differently. The lighting designers ask questions to help you sift through the options. How is your kitchen configured? Will you share some pictures? What do you like about it and more importantly what don’t you like? How do you use your kitchen? What are your tasks and activities? Are you a serious cook? Canner? Baker? Do you have kids that join you in the kitchen? Is there often more than one cook at a time? Are there windows in your kitchen? Exterior doors?

All this info simmers on a burner while you head off into the showroom, inspiration pictures in hand. One basic most folks want? Under-cabinet lighting. These simple little fixtures tuck up flat under the upper cabbies. Flip a switch and the magic of light glows across your countertops. If you’ve chopped and diced, stuffed turkeys and arranged food on those countertops this addition to your lighting is life-altering. Put it on the list.

Next up, recessed lighting from the ceiling to the lead edge of your counter. A LOT of builders run recessed lighting down the middle of the room and use it as ambient kitchen light. But there is a better way. Add light to every task from overhead without casting a shadow into your work. Now the lightbulb is flashing on, this is what we call layering light. It’s light that comes from multiple sources and makes everything you do easier.

And how about a really good light over the sink? No, not a recessed light alone, a beautiful light fixture that brings your style into the kitchen and makes it easier to peel the carrots and scrub a saucepan. A pendant over the sink? Something that makes you smile whenever you look at it, you like it that much? Ok, we’re rolling now.

There’s more, it is a kitchen after all. It fills a lot of needs in every household. You’ll want to talk design strategy with our experts so reach out and make an appointment in our showroom.

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