The New Maximalism

The New Maximalism

Feb 27th 2023 Staff

Our own internal interior designer rules in most of us. Unable to hire a designer we often fumble through the (intricate and extremely personal) part of making a home of our own. Our biggest misstep? Buying up cookie-cutter stuff and merely living with other stuff, things we have no connection to.

Our home is a living space crafted to our own needs. But good design is important as it’s the framework that makes everything fit together, the traffic flow, the workflow, and pleasing-to-live-in without feeling impersonal, dated or even cheap.

This winter we’ve explored 5 of the 2023 trends  in home décor and the shift towards curating more sustainable, soulful spaces. 'If in doubt, be bold,' advises Tiffany Duggan, founder, and director of Studio Duggan, London, England. 'Clients hardly ever regret investing in one-of-a-kind’ pieces. ‘Think of your space as a carefully curated Aladdin’s cave of treasures, with each item on display even more fascinating than the last.' We take her point a step further. We’re seeing the shift from grey and white to color. Interiors dipped in nature, and spaces that affect our moods. We’re traveling from minimalist to a refined maximalism.It’s a maximalism that is fashionable, livable, and uniquely you.

The hotelier Kit Kemp is a master of maximalism. Before you go crazy collecting more stuff, we think of it as “considered” maximalism. It begins with a piece of furniture, a piece of art, a wallcovering you absolutely adore, or a piece of sculptural lighting that gives you joy to look at. Everything else compliments that important piece. Skip the matchy-matchy and go with what you love. By considering each piece, it will work.

Our showroom is curated with wonderful one-of-kind pieces from Curry & Co, Arteriors, and more. Framed wall art and objects, pillows, and occasional furniture along with lighting. Stroll through our galleries and talk with the experts at Madison Lighting. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for inspiring ways lighting fashions the home. Most of our posts feature our own work with talented area homebuilders and Interior Designers. And note that our expert advice is included with your purchase. See you in the showroom.

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