Summer Heat Can’t Beat It

Summer Heat Can’t Beat It

Jun 7th 2023 Staff

We’ve had a string of gorgeous summer weather. Not too hot, not too cold. And with your ceiling fan, sized perfectly for the room, you can avoid air conditioning altogether. How ‘bout that? Save on your energy bill and save the planet at the same time.

If you use quality ceiling fans for comfort in your home you know this is one appliance you won’t live without. In summer, your fan cools a room with the flip of a switch. It creates a gentle breeze that’s subtle but efficient as it lightly cools the surface of your skin. Costing you pennies to run compared to air conditioning, your fan can be used with the windows open, providing fresh air. And your fan is so quiet you can hear the kids playing outside.

If you don’t have a fan yet and are shopping for one, we’ll share a piece of advice we hear from customers every day, choose quality. Big box store fans have sealed housing and plastic parts that won’t move the air like a fan should.Our fans are made with quality built in. Our fans will provide you with the cooling comfort you want for years and can be serviced if ever needed.

And our experts will make sure your fan is sized to fit your space. High ceilings or vaulted ceilings. Tiny kid’s rooms or a big beautiful primary suite. Indoor fans, damp-rated fans for porches, or wet-rated fans for arbors. We know fans and will help you find a fan you’ll use for years to come. Visit our Madison Lighting showroom and take your new ceiling fan home tonight.

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