Staying on Task

Staying on Task

May 23rd 2022 Staff

How many times a day did I struggle with simple tasks? From finding the pasta in my pantry to getting my eyeliner on straight, it was a constant challenge. When you live in a house where no one has ever thought about the lighting, you know it.

The house was adorable when we first saw it. Character, a kitchen big enough for our little brood, a bathroom just inside the backdoor for the kids, a laundry room with a door on it we could close when things piled up on us. We loved it. We bought it.

It didn’t take long to see it was as though we were living in the ‘70’s with poorly placed lighting and not enough of it in any room. No undercabinet lighting in the kitchen. Making a meal drove us both a little crazy without task lighting at hand. And the island I had always wanted was a dream come true except… except, what? Why were we always kind of uncomfortable there? Dawn came when we realized the lighting delivered about half of what we needed. I wanted to splash that island with light.

Who planned the undersized ceiling fixture in the laundry room? No one that ever scrubbed grass stains from their kid’s jeans. Or ironed a shirt. Getting the laundry done is not a preferred responsibility at our house. So, I wanted a beautiful light fixture that added style AND fun to a space that could be a little dreary without the right light.

So many tasks get done at home every single day. But somehow, they don’t feel like a chore with the right light. It turns out there wasn’t a single spot in this house that had that. You know, light exactly where you’d reach for the switch? We set that right with the help of the lighting specialists at Madison Lighting. I thought about ordering fixtures on my own, but I think that’s what went wrong to begin with. Fortunately, I found my vibe right there on Watts Road in Madison. They tackled my wish list, created a lighting plan, and suggested fixtures that I love looking at. It’s easy to stay on task now. And this house? We love it even more.

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