Large Pendant over dining areaIn a minimal life at home we find a trend that has inspired us. The rooms are simple, and the furniture is big. Elements of the style or period are carried through each piece of furniture: the fabric, the curve of the arm, the turn of the leg. Accessories are almost non-existent. And the crowning glory is a spectacular light fixture. A statement piece (and sometimes 2) that winks at the same elements in the furniture. These stunners rule the room, like this dining room from The dining furniture. A powerful piece of art. A light fixture that commands the space. The room itself could be a white box, and that’s why this trend works so well here in the Madison area.

In this bedroom featured at the furniture floats on a dark sea anchored by a single oversized pendant in a black shade. Its big shouldered simplicity is the magic. With about 100,000 light fixtures and counting, we’ve got this trend in every style you’d like to live in. Come and see us.

Follow us through the trends for 2020 during the coming weeks. We’re spotlighting 5 trends, from adding color to floral motifs. And come see us in the showroom for more on bringing light to life.

Over-sized Pendent in Bedroom