Simple Updates That Live Big

Simple Updates That Live Big

Jun 26th 2023 Staff

Bursting at the seams at home? Or downsizing for the way you live today? Those dreams are on hold for so many of us in south-central Wisconsin. You could sell your home in a day, but then where would you live? Right. Moving from one home to another now does not make sense for so many of us. And when that packed in feeling gets on your last nerve, we can help you make changes to your home that live big. Like new vanity lighting over the bathroom sink with a touch of tile behind it. Or a cool light fixture over the stairs in your open concept home to open up the lower level. Bringing light to any space instantly adds character and a splash of light makes it live bigger.

In our seriously ridiculous housing market, we’re helping customers make fun and creative updates that instantly make better use of space. Like a tiny laundry area that becomes prettier to be in and helpful, too, with light. Or move the eye down a dull hallway with a cool light fixture or two. We’ve got a million ideas for you on our Instagram and Facebook pages, and right here on our blog. And our lighting specialists can help you adapt these ideas to your spaces. We’ll get you started with a bit of inspiration and then a plan to change it up.

In the blink of an eye, we’ll help refresh your kitchen. Sound impossible? We assure you it’s not only doable, we do it every day. Our expert guidance is included with your purchase at Madison Lighting. World class lighting and great advice is part of keeping it local and family owned.

We love light and can’t wait to show you how light changes everything while you stay put and wait out this tight housing market. Come and see us in the showroom.

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