Simple Switch

Simple Switch

Apr 11th 2022 Staff

Snow? Rain? And the wind! Whatever. It has been busy in the Madison Lighting showroom and on our website because we all know, spring is coming. Between the weather events we’ve be out picking up the yard, sweeping the deck, straightening out the patio furniture. That’s when reality bit so many of us. We need a refresh outdoors and in our entryways. When dated outdoor lighting looks tired it’s easy to switch it out with quality new lighting. And, this update calls for new LED bulbs for incredible energy savings. Feeling a little out of step on the new technology in lighting and lightbulbs? We’ve got this! For example, new LED bulbs respond better to newer switches, and we can help you with all of it. Madison Lighting has exterior lighting, path lighting, carriage lights for the driveway, post lights, even lights for your steps. We cover every style from minimalist to cottage core, and every lightbulb, switch, and dimmer you’ll need. Most importantly, we have the expertise to help you choose it.

The trick to exterior lighting is our gentle approach. We prefer lowlight, we’re not lighting up a department store here! It’s about looking welcoming as you arrive, enjoying the yard in the evenings, getting guests safely up the walks in winter. And when you get to the door? Let your light shine.

Lighting a foyer beautifully calls for a glimpse, a little hint, of what is instore inside. A home that’s rustic luxe outside should feel like a warm hug when you open the door. If your bungalow is a one of a kind, your artful spirit would shine through. All uptown, city girl? You might be going for a bit of energy! It may sound a bit overwhelming, but to the lighting experts at Madison Lighting it’s a joyful exercise in creating spaces with light that reflect your style and spirit.

We’ll help you craft a plan for curb appeal, safety, and a dash of pride in how good your home looks. Tis the (spring) season!

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