Guest Bath Lighting UpdatesWhen company is coming, especially for the holidays, we want everything to sparkle. This year as we gather with family and friends, we’re making it especially welcoming. And nothing is more welcoming than light. We have ideas, expertise, and a warehouse full of lighting, so let’s get started!

  1. Lighting dull in the kitchen? New pendants over the island or table will feel like the sun peeking through after a cloudy day.
  2. The guest bath is dark and dismal? It’s time! Let’s swap out the light over the mirror  with something fab. Hey, let’s swap out the mirror, too. There, better?
  3. Ugh, the guestroom. Its home to the stuff you got tired of and replaced. Sad, right? First, swap out the sconce by the door with a little statement that says a gentle “welcome” when you open the door. Next, a beautiful lamp  bedside because reading in bed is a luxury. Ahh, nice.
  4. Speaking of welcoming, did you get the carriage lights outside the front door swapped out this fall? No? Let’s do that. This is a fast update that adds curb appeal, style and security all at once.

And let’s swap the bulbs to LED for that clean white light you love. Want a warmer tone? We’ve got those bulbs, too. Bulbs MAKE the lighting so don’t use grocery store bulbs, let us help you pick out the right ones. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

House guests! We’ve waited so long for company. Newsy talks and sharing the simple joy of time together. Your home will sparkle, and there will be memories made. Ready? We are! Get some inspiration here and here and shop our showroom for really fast updates!