Polished to Perfection

Polished to Perfection

Jan 15th 2024 Staff

What is it about high polish finishes? In minimalist designs, not overly ornate, it’s the polish that lends quiet luxury to lighting. Combined with sculptural design it brings art to the room as well as light. And here, the finish is everything. High polish is timeless, from the romantic vintage revival to the bold modern fixtures we’re seeing today. We love a rustic refinement with the subtle opulence of high polishing.

Chrome and silver are set to make a comeback in various areas of interior design and lighting is no exception, says Heather Goerzen, lead interior designer at Havenly, a design company. We agree. We love the way polished finishes combine with other metals, glass, and natural materials.

Tempted to add a layer of highly polished metal to your lighting but don’t know where to start? Talk with a lighting designer at Madison Lighting. We’re experts at helping you refresh your home with light. Tag along during these first weeks of year as we uncover home décor trends for 2024 and share our 5 favorites. High polish lighting for a sort of retro glam is one of the best. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook because we share images of many of the homes we’ve worked on. Talk about inspiring, and local! And, shop our showroom for more on bringing light to life.

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