Nature Shapes Serene Spaces

Nature Shapes Serene Spaces

Feb 13th 2023 Staff

The most powerful trend of our time? We think it’s building spaces that calm and restore us. Having come through a pandemic that drove us home for months on end, we turned the tables on that tough time and began to create spaces that nurture us, our families, and our friends. Shrugging off the stressors of contemporary life we found enduring value in our homes. Here’s how-

  1. Natural light is critical to a feeling of wellness. We find layering indoor light inspired by nature keeps that magic throughout the day.
  2. Putting emphasis on outdoor views means keeping clutter down inside, and gently low lighting outside the windows. Frame the windows with warm wall colors and it feels like life flows indoors and out.
  3. Design your space like a film director! Those inspiring Instagram images catch a moment in time that evokes a feeling, and often it’s peace. Create your own space as color, texture, and lighting with natural elements interplay beautifully.
  4. Open concepts allow light to flow, calming us with the feeling of generous space even when it’s a small space. Keeping clutter to a minimum, emphasize the artful including lighting.
  5. Avoid overdecorating by finding your space between overdone and underdone. Perfect imperfection is that piece that adds comforting history and a visual rest that ties you to home.

How do you create beautifully illuminated serene spaces of your own? Talk with the experts at Madison Lighting. Our lighting specialist’s expert advice is included with your purchase. And follow us on Instagram for inspiring ideas we’ve fashioned and photographed with some talented area homebuilders. There you’ll find our 5 favorite home décor trends for 2023 from gorgeous moody walls and cabinet colors to maximal minimalism with touches of playfulness in our rooms! See you in the showroom.

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