Lovin’ These Blues

Lovin’ These Blues

Jan 2nd 2024 Staff

“You’ll never get bored when you try something new” ... Ahhh, Dr. Seuss! It’s exhilarating to try something different, even as simple as bringing a new color home. As we begin this new year, we’re discovering fresh trends in décor. We love the discovery and sharing it all with you!

Throughout our pandemic journey we all seemed to reconnect with nature in powerful ways. So, this trend is no surprise, the colors of the sky are coming home. Like Blue Nova 825 from Benjamin Moore, and Valspar’s Renew Blue 8003-37D, these deep blues balance depth and intrigue (not a baby blue in the bunch!) with classic appeal and reassurance. Fresh alternatives to navy, these shades of blue evoke the idea of exploration of space.

How can you incorporate this gorgeous blue into your home? Drench the room, from walls to trim for a comforting cocoon effect. Or highlight with it: trims, windows, and doors. These shades of blue pair perfectly with warm caramel, light toast, or light, white oak floors. They pair perfectly with the new, bright chrome finishes in lighting we’ll explore in our next trend on January 15, 2024. We like deep blue with matte black, too, and even brushed or antique gold. And what accent colors play well? Fly into the sunset with colors of orange, yellow and even warm shades of robin’s egg blue.

As natural light in every room is unique, you’ll need a lighting plan to bring these blues indoors. We love this pair of lamps on nightstands in the primary suite. And how our matte black fixture pops with this blue and green wallpaper from our friends at Bill Weber Jr Homes. How do these beautiful bold blues make you feel? It really is soothing.

So, how do you create your own lighting plan? It’s a lot easier than you might think. Our service is our gift to you with your purchase as our lighting experts at Madison Lighting help you create spaces that make you feel at home with light. Stay with us as we discover ways to update your home with light, and these first weeks of the new year we try on home décor trends for 2024. We’ve whittled it down to our fave 5 trends, from high-polish lighting for a sort of retro glam to lighting the spa-like bathroom. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for loads of inspiration then come see us in the showroom for more on bringing light to life.

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