Light & Bright Bath

Light & Bright Bath

Jul 26th 2022 Staff

You sense it already, don’t you? The daylight is getting a few minutes shorter each day, and you notice it particularly in the morning at your vanity. The lighting is terrible, the mirror is a builder’s special, and the opportunity to refresh the bath this summer is flying out the (admittedly small) window. We are experts at light: both building up natural light with a good mirror or two, and layering that light with some stylish fixtures over your vanity.They’re simple changes that make a world of difference.

We are watching the home fashion trends, are you? If you’re updating you don’t want to land in a new but dated bathroom. You’ve waited for so long to update it. Let’s make this bath reno amazing. Consider the mirrors. Too small? No frame? Too heavy looking? Passé? Let’s add some style! This summer’s Parade of Homes featured baths with big round mirrors in thin frames. Gone were the harsh squared corners. Even rectangular and square-shaped mirrors featuring dramatically rounded corners star in these updated baths. It’s amazing how this simple change feels new and bright.

Then, vanity lights? We love multiple pendants over the vanity. We simply adore the symmetry of sconces on both sides of the mirror. We see the simplicity of a light bar or bath bracket over the mirror especially where wall space is limited. If you go up in size on the mirror you may want to take advantage of the space above it to add enough light. The key to vanity lighting? Finding the right light. And there’s no one better at helping you find that perfect light level than the lighting specialists at Madison Lighting. It doesn’t cost you a thing and could save you costly and disappointing mistakes. We’ve seen undersized mirrors and tiny light fixtures too many times to count. It’s all about proportion, get it right and the bath makeover feels delightful.

Come and see us. We offer expertise you find anywhere else. And we’re experts at bringing style to light.

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