The other day our friend Lanette Hansen called to talk about lighting for her kitchen. The house is pretty new but the lighting (or lack there of) took her by surprise. What did she and Mark inherit when they bought the house? Inexpensive lighting (“it’s got great style but it NEVER hangs straight it’s so cheaply made!”) or outdated (“How can it look so old? The house isn’t that old!”) or lacking entirely (“It’s such a great kitchen but it’s dark at the counters but it has a blaster over the island…”) That last one made me laugh. One big fixture was used to light the kitchen and family room overhead. We hear that a lot from customers and thought it would be fun to get a tour and take a picture of said “blaster.” The picture really doesn’t do the light justice; you should see it when it’s turned on. Ugh.

Lanette shares ideas and experiences she has with Madison Lighting on Magic 98 most weekday mornings. She’s going to come in and walk the showroom with me; we’ll talk about how she uses the kitchen and how she plans to use it as the boys grow up. Lanette can point out what she loves and what she doesn’t and I’ll put together some ideas for her. Stay tuned!