Mar 14th 2023 Staff

Spring seems to have a profound effect on us, doesn’t it? It turns out that light stimulates the production of serotonin, which is known as the hormone of happiness. Seriously, light makes us happy and spring, with its sudden flush of light makes everyone smile. Who knew? Daylight is precious, but it turns out that the dynamics of daylight can be recreated right where live. We make your home lighting feel good with its natural light – so our lighting specialists actually make you feel better. You’re welcome! Bring on the hormone of happiness!

We’re just figuring out what happened to us during the pandemic. That was some profound stuff we went through. Fashion changed. Technology changed. But most importantly, we changed. We discovered how much we love being “home” wherever that is. We hold family a bit closer. We find more joy in nature. And we’ve made work a place we want to be, with people we want to be with, even if we had to change it up to do so.

We’ve made a lot of new friends at Madison Lighting and it’s certainly because of all the above. This spring we’re bursting with all kinds of beautiful new lighting, home décor, inspiration, and joy. The log jam of supply chain issues is breaking and it’s a beautiful thing to shop, find something you love, and take it home with you!

Talk with us about what you want your home to be. Share the pics on your phone of things you love, and the spaces you have that need some love. We’re welcoming this fresh new season with so many new ideas. Sure, you can see us virtually at MadisonLighting.com where shopping is easy and open 24/7. Or you can shop our showroom Monday through Saturday and talk with us, the lighting experts. We love bringing your style to light.

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