Capital Lighting - Kitchen LightsIf you’d told me a year ago we’d be spending this kind of time in our kitchen I would laughed out loud. We never did embrace our inner foodie, you know what I mean? We did takeout, dinners out along with the leftovers they produced, and burgers on our grill. Suddenly, in the time of coronavirus, we’re making meals 7 days a week, sometimes 2 and 3 per day. It was pretty miserable for a while there and then a miracle happened. We began to talk about food. We began to discuss Instacart orders. We started hanging out in our kitchen, experimenting, and having fun. Seriously.

We chopped and shredded. We marinated. We roasted. All those gorgeous kitchen tools we had acquired as wedding gifts began to make sense. We also had a big epiphany: the state-of-the-art kitchen we never really used was annoyingly under-lit. There were shadows on the countertops we used to chop veggies. The huge island looked so pretty during the day but became dark as a cave in the evening. How come we never noticed this inadequacy before? Rhetorical question. Obviously, we had never used this kitchen properly and we needed a little upgrade.

We jumped online and started looking at lights only to quickly realize we had no idea how to light it right. The stores were still closed (remember?) and we wanted help. As in a person. An expert. We found her on Facebook at Madison Lighting and had a virtual appointment. I walked around with my phone on Facetime and shared the ceilings, cabinets, countertops and island with the most amazing woman. Before long we had a plan, an electrician, and our kitchen’s lighting 2.0 plan was in play.

The lighting was installed and it was kind of amazing. I couldn’t figure out if we were truly not foodies before, or, had just been frustrated by poor lighting and gave up on cooking. But with gorgeous light, we are REALLY embracing the food scene. Socially distanced dinners on our deck? Check. Brunch for family al fresco? Yes! Dane County Farmer’s Market has even thrown us a few unknown veggies and we introduced ourselves. Food. Made in our own kitchen. Who knew?