Nov 8th 2022 Staff

Gratitude? Here at Madison Lighting, it’s appreciating life in the present moment. Our lives are all so busy and yet the idea of this moment, this time, we can all enjoy life’s abundance if we only take a moment to look. The sunsets have been especially beautiful, the kids have discovered the joy of a freshly raked pile of leaves, and the pandemic that has kept us apart is giving us time to hug and laugh and be kids again ourselves.

Let’s take a breath, be grateful for today and all the days that follow. After all, Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. It’s friends and family, cherished dishes and new traditions. It might be football in the yard, or a nature walk after eating too much. Hopefully it’s laughter and family legends, like the time you got up early to prep the turkey and forgot to turn the oven on. Or the time the cat ate the center out of the pumpkin pie as it cooled on top of the fridge. Or the year everyone admitted hating turkey and whole family pitched in to make lasagna so delicious it became a new holiday tradition.

Decided to throw a “Friendsgiving”? Daylight savings time ending threw us all in the dark, so you might need something cool at your front door that says WELCOME! It’s just one way to show your home some love with a quick update. Company coming? Clear the clutter out of the guestroom and upgrade the lighting with a lamp or reading light by the bed. If your dining area is dim, we’ll help you with foundational lighting that captures your style and lights your tabletop. Everyday low prices, lots of lighting in stock and experts to help you bring your home update to life. Come and see us.

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