Fast Home Updates You’ll Love

Fast Home Updates You’ll Love

Nov 29th 2022 Staff

The weather shifts, an early snow, and suddenly the holidays are roaring toward us. There’ll be festive foods, burgeoning gift lists and wait.... the guest room is depressingly dark! The dining room looks so dated! And that bathroom. Ugh. We hear these panicked words from customers every single day. Standing in our Madison showroom, they flick through their photos and, with a little help from us, imagine swapping their rather clunky brass chandelier for an eight-light chandelier with smooth curves in soft gold. The new vanity lights look swoon-worthy when they replace the builder’s 2-light fixture in the bathroom. And a sculptural lamp to make the guest room inviting? I bet we see that in their dining room window come January. It’s gorgeous!

There simply is nothing like new lighting to banish darkness, to update the hopelessly unfashionable, and bring beauty to your house. Start dreaming here, and for instant updates come see us and shop the showroom!

  1. Check out some of our favorite vanity lighting here. Remember, if you want it now, shop our showroom and take it home today. While you’re here, choose a vanity mirror for a fast and fabulous update. We have a fantastic collection.
  2. A new chandelier? Linear lighting makes a statement over a long farm or modern trestle table. We have some linear fixtures in-stock for a quick update that takes your dated dining space to one you’ll want to spend time in.
  3. Lamps for bedrooms, family rooms, and every spot you need a little more light? Cruise the website, but if you want it now, shop our showroom! We have hundreds of lamps in stock.
  4. Did the early snow catch you by surprise? If you didn’t get the chance to update the carriage lights outside your front door this fall, do it now. This is a fast and fabulous update that dresses up the front of the house, and immediately adds character and style. Be sure to swap the bulbs to LED. Bulbs MAKE the lighting so don’t use grocery store bulbs, let us help you pick out the right ones. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

We love lighting and because we work with it every day we’re full of ideas and inspiration. Come see us!

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