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Feb 15th 2014 Staff

Customers are adding light like crazy. It turns out when you are home more, the lack of it really drives some of us a little crazy. Offices are filled with overhead light. At home the lack of light makes everything dark, flat, and sort of sad. And since we’re experts in light we’ve been sharing our expertise with customers regarding everyday light. The kind that you use several times every day at the flip of a switch.

In the kitchen it’s overhead ambient light, under cabinet task light, decorative lighting, and perhaps the most frustrating, lighting the island. It takes layers of light indoors to achieve what the sun does outdoors.

Or the family room. So many homes have recessed lights in the ceiling and no other lights in their living spaces. We all instantly age about 10 years in that kind of light. So you can imagine when you add a chandelier over one end of the sofa, or, over a coffee table between two facing sofas, it brings a whole new level of cool to that room. And it feels good to be in there. Spaces you use every day come to life when you add light.

Kid’s rooms need flexibility, and we can help you plan for that. A nursery becomes a children’s play area within a few fast years, and then a study space. Swapping out well-placed lighting fixtures to fit your child’s life is easier when we help you look ahead a few years.

Bathrooms? The number one complaint we hear is, “it’s too dark.” So “annoying” is a close second. There is a technique to great bath lighting. Our friends at Crystorama say, “Bathrooms require four types of light that include task lighting, ambient lighting, decorative lighting, and accent lighting. Layering light will ensure that the room is not too dim or overly bright.” How do you layer 4 types of light in a bathroom so there is enough light to put on makeup, and, less light when you want that spa-like soak after a long day? It’s a lesson in space and geometry and we LOVE doing it.

Our showroom is open so you can safely shop for these everyday luxuries and pay our everyday low prices. Prefer to shop from home? We offer virtual shopping appointments so you can show a lighting expert exactly why you find your bath lighting annoying. And you can always shop us online at www.MadisonLighting.com.

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