Cool Kids

Cool Kids

Jul 13th 2022 Staff

If you’ve ever tucked sweaty kids under cool sheets at night you know how warm they run. Look up! Is there a light fixture in the center of their bedroom ceiling? You could bring home a quality ceiling fan today, swap out that light fixture with your new fan, and tuck them into bed tonight in a cool and comfy room. For that matter, you could install a quality fan in your own bedroom, too. Sleep is better under a quality ceiling fan that’s quiet and powerful. And when its sized correctly for the room you’ll use a lot less air conditioning. Cool, right?

The magic doesn’t end with summer because your ceiling fan will continue to make your home comfier in winter, too. Simply reverse the direction of blades to turn clockwise. The fan pulls cool air up off the floors and mixes it with warmer air near the ceiling, pushing it down the walls of the room in a continuous cycle. The room instantly feels warmer, simply by moving the air your furnace is heating. The optimum temp for the most restful sleep is 60 to 68 degrees so turn your ceiling fan on and turn your heat down in winter.

Get all the facts here before you buy. A big box store fan only disappoints, they’re not built to run continuously like an appliance. We know you’ll enjoy owning a quality fan from us for years because it’s well-built with a good motor. It’s made to run for pennies, so important as we all work to save energy and save the planet!

We’re experts on ceiling fans and will help you choose the right fan for any room, especially bedrooms. Measure your room wall to wall and the ceiling height too. Take pictures of your room-style and come see us. Cool your kids and yourself. You’ll sleep better.

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