​Cool & Calm

​Cool & Calm

Jul 12th 2023 Staff

It’s not just our kids that run warm, we do too! At night, their bedrooms can get stuffy and feel damp this time of year. We wait for summer all year and hate to close up the house to turn down the air conditioning. And that refrigerated feeling when there’s an air quality alert. There’s an appliance that will keep your bedrooms cool and the windows open or closed, it’s a ceiling fan. Get a quality ceiling fan for the primary suite today, you’ll sleep so much better tonight. Install a quality fan in your kid’s bedrooms and they’ll sleep better too.

Our fans are quiet and powerful. Is there anything more annoying than a noisy ceiling fan? You know, we’ve all bought a fan at a big box store only to find it’s noisy and doesn’t keep you all that cool. Our fan experts will help you choose the right fan for every room, indoors and out. A fan that will run quietly and efficiently for years to come. Because when a fan is sized correctly for the room you use a lot less air conditioning and that saves energy.

The really crazy thing is people buy their fan in summer only to discover it makes your home comfy in winter, too. When your room feels too cold, reverse the direction of blades to turn clockwise and turn it on. The blades pull cold air off the floor, mixing it with warm air near the ceiling. Then the warmer air is pushed down the walls of your room continuously. You find your rooms feel warmer even though the thermostat is set low. A quality ceiling fan makes better use of the air your furnace has heated and saves energy in winter, too.

Read up on fan facts here before you buy. You’ll find Madison Lighting’s fans are built better, run longer, and actually save you more in the long run. It’s an appliance that you’ll never want to be without. Come and see us in the showroom during this last ceiling fan sale of summer.

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