Chic Fans

Chic Fans

Jun 7th 2022 Staff

By now you’re up on fan facts. Buy a good fan with a quality motor. Size it right and save money on air conditioning. You may already have a fan and know the instant comfort it gives when you flip the switch. And it runs for pennies so it’s a “green” choice! But there’s another aspect to ceiling fans, the chic factor.A fan that captures your style adds an element to the room that is kind of dashing. Today we see rather matte-finished fans with a sleek strip of metal perfect for an understated bedroom. And fans with blades that look like driftwood for homes that reflect your love of lake living. There are fans for the family farmhouse with an element of salvage. And each one adds that touch that makes the space well-dressed.

Some people prefer a quality white fan that disappears into the ceiling. It quietly cools the room, doing its job for years. We have them in every size and look. But some customers want that extra note in their (sound) track, a memorable flourish that kind of makes the space complete. And that’s where our people come in. They know fans and they can help you capture those bits of style in a ceiling fan that’s perfect for your space.

Fans are fab in just about every room of the house. But fans are also a powerful design element outdoors. A pair of fans on a long, traditional-style front porch offer symmetry, a cool breeze of tradition, and keep the bugs off. Could anything be better? Yes! Have a patio with a pergola? Hang a fan with a finish that contrasts with the pergola there and create a spot you’ll enjoy spring, summer and fall. What about a rustic-style screen porch that would be lovely but the air is so still there you can’t stand it? Yup. The right ceiling fan will ping off your “up north” décor and create an oasis on hot summer weekends.

Come and see us. We’re awfully good at bringing style to light. And to ceiling fans.

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