​Ceiling Fans Are Easy as 1-2-3!

​Ceiling Fans Are Easy as 1-2-3!

Jun 18th 2024 Staff

What’s the big deal with ceiling fans? They are considered the most effective type of fan to have in a room because they create a cooling movement of air. Fans cool you so efficiently it feels like you turned the air conditioning on in summer. Imagine how much THAT saves.

We find that ceiling fans edge out air conditioners when it comes to efficiency, cost and environmental impact. They don’t actually chill the room down, they create a “wind chill effect” and cool YOU in summer. Because of this cost-effective cooling effect ceiling fans get more and more popular each year. Because our fans are made with quality components, your fan will last for years and years. And it can be serviced if needed because the housing isn’t sealed like a big box store fan, making this appliance one that really earns its keep.

Ceiling fans come in all sizes and styles and can be accessorized with a light if you prefer. And we are experts at helping you choose a fan that’s sized perfectly for the room in a style and color that adds to your décor. The right size fan actually saves you money on your utility bill so choose carefully. And remember, a quality ceiling fan is whisper quiet. Add it up and this is a minor upgrade to your home that contributes to your home’s marketability.

We say it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to add a ceiling fan at home. Measure your room including the ceiling height. Reach out to one of our lighting designers, they’re ceiling fan experts to choose a fan sized perfectly for your space. Install it yourself or we’ll recommend a few electricians you can choose from.

You’ll love living under a ceiling fan from Madison Lighting. See you in the showroom.

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