Can a No Demo Reno Really Transform?

Can a No Demo Reno Really Transform?

May 28th 2024 Staff

All summer we’re highlighting transformational ideas of Jennifer Todryk in her show NO DEMO RENO. Because when knocking out a wall or two is not in the budget, stunning updates are still doable. Can you completely transform your house without any demolition? We do it every day with light!

In this post we reviewed some of the tools you can use like paint, trims, cabinetry and countertops. In this post we’ll talk about light, and how the combination of natural light and our layered lighting using light fixtures, recessed, and undercabinet light change the space completely.

Kitchens are where we spend the most time and yet lighting is nearly always poorly done. In older homes it was the flush mount on the ceiling and maybe a small pendant over the kitchen table. Thank goodness for that window over the sink or there would be no light at all! We take your kitchen measurements and photos and show you where to place lighting that opens up the room and magically adds counterspace. Because when you can see your workspace, you’ll enjoy using it.

We start with undercabinet lighting that spills light down onto countertops. It highlights your food and your hands making it a pleasure to work in every area. We add recessed lighting over the leading edge of the countertops to light that space between you and your cupboards. The combo of light from recessed and undercabinet fixtures is transformational. Now, let’s bring your style to light with something fun over the sink and if you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen table or island, we’ll add the right light there, too.

All summer long we’ll share ideas for your own No Demo Reno. Check back with us. And check out our showroom or call one of our lighting designers to make an appointment. See you soon!

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