We can help you create environments with lighting throughout your new home. Blending natural light with manmade, setting the mood in each space, functional lighting that makes everyday tasks a pleasure; we’ve done that and a lot more for thousands of customers. Here’s our how to.

  1. Make an appointment with a Madison Lighting consultant at least 10 weeks before you need your lights. They’re more than a sales person, they specialize in creating effects with lighting, understanding how you’ll use a room and the lighting that will help you do it better. And, the light fixtures you select will be produced by several different manufacturers in factories all over the world. it can take six to eight weeks just to get them here.
  2. Have your kitchen plan finalized before selecting light fixtures. Kitchens typically need multiple light sources: over a kitchen table or breakfast bar, counter workspace for cooking or baking, and more. Your lighting design is very dependent on cabinet, appliance, and countertop placement.
  3. Have your furniture layout completed before creating a lighting design. Lighting should be designed to relate to the way each room will be used, and enhance and highlight your furniture, accessories, and artwork.
  4. Create and maintain an interior finishes file. Include favorite magazine photographs, flooring samples, cabinet and counter top ideas, door hardware finishes, plumbing fixture options, and of course any decorative lighting preferences you have. All this information will be helpful when selecting and coordinating the interior selections in your home.
  5. Bring your blueprints along to the selection appointment. This is the only reliable way to ensure that a complete and appropriate lighting plan is created.
  6. Know your budget or contract allowance. We can save time and frustration if we know what the parameters are.
  7. Know your new home’s address. We’ll need this information for later deliveries