Adding light to your home is such a simple update and makes every day brighter. Where to start? Perhaps right up front! Your front door welcomes you, your family and friends and offers a glimpse of your style. But safety is also key – you need the right light inside and outside the door. Our lighting experts work with customers to choose lighting that coordinates the exterior with the interior, and offers enough light but not too much! We love light and share lighting tricks of the trade with customers every day.

One of our favorite quick updates is the bathroom. From tiny jewel-box half baths near family living spaces, to the kid’s bathroom, and even the master bath this update is instant. New vanity lighting kind of changes your life: something beautiful over your mirror that brings a bit of character or design style adds the right light and often sends you off to the paint store for a fresh new wall color. It’s like a mini-makeover. In a small space like a bathroom, the lighting and mirror ARE the décor for many of us, so choose vanity lighting that adds interest.

Kid’s bedrooms seem like the last to get some love. We make do with cheap fixes from the big box store, but kids need good lighting for reading, crafting, and homework. Why not get a little playful, or play on your growing kid’s developing sense of style? We use sconces over nightstands, super functional lamps on desks, and “Multisystem” lighting overhead that’s customizable and adapts easily over the years.

You can shop us online, but with over 100,000 fixtures to choose from don’t get overwhelmed. We’re here for you and we know our lighting. We’re happy to help you explore!