May 11th 2023 Staff

We’re doing all we can to electrify America efficiently. We use LED in our chandeliers, pendants and under cabinet lighting, and dimmers to save even more. And, for instant energy savings during a long, humid summer we love a ceiling fan or two. Ceiling fans are a great tool for reducing the cost of cooling and warming the house. Wait, heating and cooling your home? Absolutely! Customers usually buy a fan to keep cool for less and discover months later it makes their home more comfortable in winter, too. Here’s how a quality ceiling fan saves you money. Choose a quality fan, sized for the room, so that the optimum airflow is achieved. Turn the mode to summer on the remote.

Instantly, air gently flows toward the floor causing a cooling effect. Like a wind chill in winter, this gentle breeze from your fan makes the actual air temp to feel cooler. Set your air conditioning up 7 degrees and your room will still feel comfy and cool as the blades quietly turn. On the hottest days, your ceiling fan will keep you comfortable, costing pennies to run compared to your AC. 

With the cool days of late autumn, switch the mode on your remote to its winter setting and the blades turn the opposite direction. They pull cool air up off the floor, mixing with warmer air near the ceiling. As warm air flows down the walls into the room it feels warmer. Instantly.

Here’s the key: Measure the room where your fan will live including the ceiling height. This will insure we can help you choose the right fan to get the best airflow. And, take a few pics of the room’s décor before you head to our showroom. We’re experts at helping people find a beautiful fan to make living spaces comfortable and stylish. But now, as we electrify America, we’ll help you make your home even more energy efficient. Learn more about this cool appliance every home should have here then visit us at Madison Lighting.

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