Add Living Space Outdoors With Light!

Add Living Space Outdoors With Light!

Jul 26th 2023 Staff

Finding every square inch of space at your house becomes easier when you look outside the box. Look outside your home to the great outdoors for a dining space, a game area on the lawn, even an outdoor living room. It’s doable when you add lighting.

Make a lawn area for outdoor games. Whiffle ball or a game of catch lasts longer into the evening when you’ve got light on the lawn. Outdoor fixtures are perfect for this, repeating them done a wall or fence. And when you choose fixtures that work with your style, you can use them for a garden party or outdoor brunch.

Linger over dinner and drinks when there’s a dining space outside. Choose an chandelier made for outdoor spaces, even in our harsh wet-snowy-icy winters. One client told us of her chili parties on calm winter evenings in her outdoor dining space. We realized right then that outdoor spaces aren’t just for summer.

Outdoor living rooms are great places to gather for a fire all year round. The great outdoors provides you with so many options.

Need a little inspiration? You’ll find plenty on our InstagramPinterest and Facebook pages, and right here on our blog. Then, tap our lighting specialists to help you create similar spaces at your house.

Soon you’ll be living in a bigger home by taking advantage of your outdoor space. Our experts help you choose lighting that’s perfect for outdoor living year-round and it’s included with your purchase at Madison Lighting. We’re local, family owned, and we’re here for you. Come and see us in the showroom.

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