​A Trend for Today- Light Sets the Mood

​A Trend for Today- Light Sets the Mood

Feb 2nd 2023 Staff

Great lighting includes the right light for a room’s function with flexibility for changes of mood, too. Lighting designed for your senses needs to be integrated into the planning, so this blog post touches on how the professionals at Madison Lighting can help you. We put just about every light fixture and all recessed lighting on dimmer switches, so your desired light level is easy. We like to use different circuits – in other words, lighting controlled by separate switches rather than ganging multiple fixtures on a single switch.

For everyday use, a room has a bright and positive vibe so you can prep meals and the kids can do their homework. The lighting is layered with ambient or general lighting and task lighting that puts the project at hand in the right light.

Once food preparation and cooking are finished, a softer ambience can be created for dining and relaxing in the space. As evening progresses, quieter light is often preferred. Once the kitchen is “closed” for the evening, dim the lights for a smooth look in an open floor plan. That gentle lighting creates soft shadows that make the space looks soothing, a quiet message that says, “it’s time to wind down.”

With this same flexible lighting plan, you can make your house the party house. With different light types on singular switches, you can adjust the mood easily from everyday living to greeting party guests with conversation, music, and an intimate dining space. To get the party started the light moves from central workspaces toward the walls for a more intimate feel. Sleek spotlights put the focus on certain areas like architectural elements and paintings you love. Add music and let the conversation begin. Place recessed pin lights over the bar and tabletop to highlight the drinks and food areas. And of course, everything is on a dimmer to make it perfect.

Pay attention to color temperature, too. It’s measured in Kelvins. For warm light, opt for a lower number of 2,700K and for whiter light that’s pure like daylight try 3,000K. We can help you choose the right bulbs for every fixture and lamp.

Follow us on Instagram for more about flexible lighting plans we’ve created and photographed with area homebuilders. You’ll find more on home décor trends for 2023 during the coming weeks. Check out our top 5 faves like gorgeous moody walls and cabinet colors to maximal minimalism with touches of playfulness in our rooms! Our lighting specialists at Madison Lighting can help you create spaces like these at your house. See you in the showroom.

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