A New Look

A New Look

Apr 17th 2023 Staff

Sometimes it’s the simplest change that makes the biggest difference. Like a new haircut. It can make you see things completely differently. We hear that from our customers all the time. How new pendants over the kitchen island gave them a new gathering place at home. Or how a new light fixture on the porch turned a seldom used space into the hot spot for board games. How simply swapping in the right light for an old fixture makes them see their home in a whole new light. 

Consider your home’s curb appeal while you’re out in front doing your spring cleanup. We love how carriage lights welcome family and friends to your door. How does your home look from the street? We’ve noted the trend to a ho-hum recessed light over the front door. Not exactly the “wink” of a pendant over the front door. It’s a simple change to add a stylish pendant there and one that makes a huge difference in your outlook. 

And, as you settle into the living room for conversation over a glass of wine, does the lighting invite you to linger? To really enjoy the space you’ve dedicated so much square footage to? Does it make you happy like thisOr this? We can help you here, too, with lighting that makes the space better. 

The best part of this is that it’s simple to do. As lighting specialists at Madison Lighting, our favorite part of the job is helping you create a space (or two) that makes it your fave spot in the house. We love light and shadow, and how the lighting you choose makes your see your home differently. Oh yeah. See your house in a whole new light. Come and see us in the showroom.

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