1. Wading into Summer

    It’s all about the porch and patio if you’re entertaining this summer. Social distancing, check. Masked up, beer chilled, a playlist on your phone, where are those Bluetooth speakers? You’re almost ready to have friends over, but there’s one last thing: How to keep everyone comfy out there? …Read More

  2. See It In Our Showroom!

    We have missed you. As we gently reopen our showroom we’re super excited to see you, and we’re being careful to take good care of you and our staff. We’re following CDC guidelines to give you space to shop. We’re wearing masks at all times in the showroom and hope you will, too. We’re clea…Read More

  3. Shop the Showroom

    Wait ‘Til You See It!!

    While we’ve been working from home shopping via online apps with you, our customers, there’s been so much happening in our showroom! Back up to February (I know it’s been like forever, right?) ... we were madly unpacking all the new fixtures we bought at market. Remember the natural touches in…Read More

  4. Meet with a Light Expert from home

    We’re Here!

    We are busy in this new world. At Madison Lighting, we’ve reinvented shopping for lighting from home. As a local, family-owned business we’ve always put customers first. When the coronavirus hit our community, we temporarily shuttered our showroom. Some customers were in the middle of home proje…Read More

  5. Working From Home

    These are wild times. As the pandemic found its way to Madison, the folks here at family-owned Madison Lighting decided the best thing to do was close our showroom temporarily. Our staff is truly family, related and not. We’re working from home, while a few others keep the warehouse rolling and th…Read More

  6. Unexpected Touch of Black

    Matte black has become the new metallic finish in lighting, so we’ve added it to our palette. It’s a trend that’s here to stay. Like the perfect LBD or a Tom Ford tux, matte black adds a glam sophistication that feels luxurious, doesn’t it? But that’s where this trend takes a sharp left tu…Read More

  7. Statement Lighting

    Statement Sized Lighting

    In a minimal life at home we find a trend that has inspired us. The rooms are simple, and the furniture is big. Elements of the style or period are carried through each piece of furniture: the fabric, the curve of the arm, the turn of the leg. Accessories are almost non-existent. And the crowning gl…Read More

  8. Natural Textures in Lighting


    If a coastal vibe conjures up a rather sloppy look with kitschy fish prints hanging on the walls and wobbly lamps we’re here to address that. We love the coastal look for its mix of modern and traditional elements. It’s color and light, textures and natural touches that bring the outdoors in bec…Read More

  9. Living in Color

    The softest shades of nature. Green that soothes. The blue sky at dusk. Soft salmon rather than strident pink. These soft colors aren’t wimpy, they’re rich and deep, fully saturated with pigment giving it a rich and enduring feeling. We’re embracing color after a long grey spell. And grey itse…Read More

  10. An Instant Home Update

    We update the table linens, buy flowers, invest in new table settings, but why don’t we look up? Yeah, right there. The 15-year-old chandelier that looked so cool when you bought it, so chic. It’s ... dated. Is that a thing? Do chandeliers get dated? Yes! Chandeliers, in fact most lighting, is i…Read More