One simple change can make a huge difference in life and at home. We see a transformation when we help customers add light to their lives. Like a light at the bathroom vanity. It’s something that you use very morning and every night. It adds light. It adds an element of design. It adds style.

Lighting a bathroom can be a bit tricky. It’s so easy to throw shadows everywhere. The actress Shirley MacLaine once famously declared that in Hollywood when they want to age her character they light her from overhead. The resulting shadows add 10 years! In the lighting of a small space like a bathroom its especially harsh if you don’t get it right. So why is it that vanity lighting often seems like an afterthought? Even in new homes the bathrooms are underserved.
Where to start? First, don’t fear the electrician. If you don’t have electricity where you want or need light, an electrician will fix that and for less than you probably think. Don’t limit yourself to swapping out existing vanity lights if what you’d really love is to add a chandelier over the bath. And if you don’t currently have light at the mirror (a single, central light fixture is more common than you’d think) you’ll think of us every day wondering how you survived without good lighting for so long.

Next, how much space do you have above the mirror? You may have room for a 2-light fixture or even 3 or 4 lights. Double sinks? They’d each love their own vanity light. Alongside the mirror? Adding sconce lighting on either side (in addition to the top of the mirror) banishes the shadows instantly. Honestly, it’s like an instant youth treatment! You could put light fixtures above and alongside the mirror but another great way to install lighting is directly on the glass. Your vanity gets an added shimmer this way, a sort of upscale touch many customers don’t think of.

And, that chandelier I mentioned? It’s a touch of luxury that adds ambient light at the switch when you walk into the room. A chandelier (;mid–chandeliers;mini-chandeliers ) or any semi flush ( ) or pendant ( ) style fixture sparkles off the hard surfaces of a bathroom. It can be elegant crystal, or vintage glass. Rustic and reclaimed or modern and sleek. We can help you coordinate the chandelier for a polished but not matched look. Put a dimmer on it and you’ll be ready for a bubble bath scene straight from the movies.

As the days get shorter it’s the perfect time to improve the lighting in your bathroom. You’ll notice the difference immediately and time will prove you made the right decision.