1. 1st Home On a Budget

    $1200? A whole house on $1200, and NOT from a big box store? I get that a lot and here is one example of it. This home was built by Cosgrove Construction in Edgerton, Wisconsin. They’re nice people, fun to work with, and insist on quality. So in this house I tapped Kichler. I selected lighting tha…Read More

  2. Light Craving? Add Recessed Lighting

    I love fall. I really do. I love winter actually and I know there are those in town that have trouble saying that after last winter. But I know the secret to living in south central Wisconsin. Light. We crave it. Especially in the kitchen. My kitchen is home to a passel of kids, a husband that loves…Read More

  3. Our Customers

    Our customers are my best source of inspiration. They come with amazing, inventive, funny, and even endearing ideas. We’re all watching our customers dive into the new MadisonLighting.com to learn, to discover, and to “try things on!” The funniest thing so far was a customer that told me that …Read More