1. Top Ten Lighting Tips

    Professionally designed lighting will enhance the beauty, comfort and security of your home. It can make a small room seem open and airy, or a large room feel warm and cozy. It is the quickest and most cost-effective way to change the mood in your home from quiet relaxation, to casual entertainment,…Read More

  2. Non-Traditional Lighting

    Add a Conversation Piece to Your Kitchen It’s a big trend in kitchen lighting at Madison Lighting, non-traditional fixtures that illuminate you and your kitchen’s personality. A chandelier over a kitchen table, or a pair of chandeliers over a breakfast bar? Why not? The trend here in Wisconsin i…Read More

  3. Proper Stairwell Lighting

    Illuminating Every Step Sometimes a contemporary or modern stairway can be especially difficult to navigate. Ebony treads, curved steps, unusually wide treads, they may be an art form but they can also be a bit scary for some people. Layering the light makes that art form of a stairway look beautifu…Read More