1. Daylight Saving? 5 Ways to Take Back the Light!

    Our interpretation of Daylight Saving is pretty different from most people. You may think that darkness is part of winter in Wisconsin. We think not! Darkness is part of a poorly lit house and we can fix that! Start with areas that impact you the most. For many that’s the kitchen. Identify the exi…Read More

  2. In the Kitchen with Lanette Hansen “Take 2”

    It’s fun for us to get together because Lanette works fulltime at Magic 98, is raising two boys with her husband Mark, has home projects, family gatherings, charities, and, well you get the picture. So, the other day in she comes with her phone, loaded with photos, and full of ideas. In less than …Read More

  3. In the Kitchen with Lanette Hansen

    The other day our friend Lanette Hansen called to talk about lighting for her kitchen. The house is pretty new but the lighting (or lack there of) took her by surprise. What did she and Mark inherit when they bought the house? Inexpensive lighting (“it’s got great style but it NEVER hangs straig…Read More