1. A Bathroom You’ll Enjoy Bathing In

    It’s on every blog, every beauty website, and even in the newest issue of House Beautiful where Sophie Donelson, Editor in Chief of House Beautiful says: With sleep, self-care, meditation and mindfulness headlining the news, the time is right to slow down and reinvent even the most mundane facets …Read More

  2. My Own Bathroom

    A customer recently shared a revelation: for the first time in her life she would have a master bathroom! No kid’s toothpaste in her sink or damp and overstuffed hamper to empty before she could slip into the tub. We high-fived and then she said this: “I want to start with the lighting. I want t…Read More

  3. Light In Your Mirror

    Living in a house with teenage boys? With fingerprints over the doorways from ‘dunking’ as they hustle through, to laundry baskets of dirty athletic-wear, your bathroom remodel is all about “the essentials.” You need cabinets that can take it, a shower built for their 6’3” frames and siz…Read More

  4. Our Vanity

    The secret to a happy life? It could be a well-appointed vanity. Everyone’s in a rush in the morning. You need space at the mirror, your accouterments at your fingertips, and great light. We can help refresh your bathroom vanity with mirrors and lights at our Madison Lighting showroom here in Madi…Read More

  5. Madison (Re)Mod

    In Wisconsin we seem to crave light. In our often-grey climate there simply isn’t enough. So at Madison Lighting we help people add useful, well-chosen lighting to transform spaces. And perhaps nothing transforms your life like a well-lit bathroom. That may sound funny but that could be because yo…Read More

  6. Reviving a Bath

    It’s hard to believe but has it been a decade since you redecorated the bath? The towels are tired, the wall color is faded, and yes, you long for a bathroom that’s a bit more spa-like. (A spa-like bath might not have occurred to you 10 years ago even if your lav is on the small side compared to…Read More

  7. The Bling’s the Thing

    One Of Five Lighting Trends To Watch All glitz and glamour, or just a touch of bling. Your home can be your stage or you can simply add unexpected sparkle. This trend is here to stay. In our grey winter days and nights, a bit of bling really shines. This fixture, aptly named Party Girl, makes us smi…Read More

  8. Your Spa

    Making your bathroom really special is pretty personal. I love this photo because it illustrates something that’s key: one perfect fixture can make an entire room. Painting your toes on the side of the tub is a time-honored tradition. How about making a long, hot soak in a tub with the twinkling l…Read More