I love fall, but losing light like this makes me feel sad. When I get home from work at night I turn on every light in the house. Just because I work with light doesn’t mean I crave it any more than my clients. And where do we all seem to feel it the most? In the kitchen, hands down. Madison Lighting is unique because we can make your kitchen light-filled all year round. How? Well there are a few tricks to remember.

First, how do you use your kitchen? Love to cook but your task areas are dark and frustrating? Do your kids use the kitchen table for homework but the light isn’t as good as it should be? Are friends always gathering in your kitchen even though it doesn’t have the atmosphere you’d like? Crazy as it sounds this is where we start: how do you use your kitchen? Or, how would you if you had the right light? Think about that.

Next, measurements. A good set of measurements, wall to wall, cabinets and counter depth, floor to ceiling. Make a note about where the table is, and where the breakfast bar is. Is there a back door? A window or two? And how does the traffic flow? Floor plans and workflow are important when deciding where and how to light the kitchen.

Now, let’s talk about the fabulous four: Task Lighting. Ambient Lighting. Accent Lighting. Decorative Lighting. For a light-filled kitchen you’ll love living in, you need it all.

For tasks think about the counters where you prep food, unload the dishwasher, and sort the flatware into the drawers. And, yes, where do you check your emails and where do the kids do homework? Under-cabinet lighting will light your countertops and work spaces. Recessed pin lights focus lighting onto areas like a tabletop, breakfast bar, and island and add that light you need a dozen times a day. I love dimmers on these fixtures: they make great nightlights on winter evenings.

Ambient lighting is often the most overlooked. But this is the lighting that immediately makes the room feel welcoming. With the flip of a switch it says,
“welcome home!” Be sure you put dimmers here for power at your fingertips: create a party atmosphere, take photos without glare, or flood the room with light on the darkest days of the year.

To properly accent with light we place small fixtures inside glass front cabinets to
highlight a collection of stemware or art glass vases. We place recessed fixtures that direct light at a feature wall like Joanna Barnes creates on her show “Fixer Upper.” A feature wall might have open shelving, family photos, and framed children’s art. With a touch of light it becomes a place of pride.

And finally decorative lighting. Think a collection of Italian glass pendants over a bistro table. Suddenly you’re sipping espresso each morning as you plan your day under this happy sparkling space. Let your imagination run a little wild and we’ll help you find the right light.

Your light-filled kitchen? It’s the best home project I can think of because you’ll enjoy it for hours each day. Visit us at www.MadisonLighting.com and start a wish list among our 80,000 fixtures. Pin your favorite pictures, browse Houzz, and come and see us for the expertise to bring beautiful light to your kitchen.