We’re in the kitchen again! The temps cool down, the kids go back to school, and the urge to cook comforts like a mug of cider with a cinnamon stick. Now that you’re spending more time in the kitchen the soul of your home might need a mini-makeover. And we suggest you start with lighting. Lighting is a fashion statement and when it’s trend is over, turn the page. Make your kitchen a fun space that you’ll love. Here’s a trend you’ll love.

Was it Sophia Vergara that started the trend with an ad for a coffee maker? The idea is viral: a spot in the kitchen where coffee, tea, and well any hot or cold beverage can be crafted and enjoyed. Carving out a spot for your espresso maker, coffee grinder, trendy mugs and your favorite go-cups involves a bit of space, finding your style, and adding the right light.

Does it start when your alarm goes off? Its the need for coffee, stat. Brew a pot of coffee, sip that first cup, then take the rest with you in your giant go-cup. But cruise into the kitchen in the evening and a more civilized approach to America’s favorite obsession makes your very own kitchen café a pleasure.

It could be a wine war. It could be a mid-century mod cocktail cart. Your kitchen café is your spot to relax. We loved this kitchen by our friends at Brio Design Homes a few years back. And it’s a trend that’s really heating up: you make terrific coffee, why not find a nook at home and create your very own café? Carry it through in style with graduated pendants over the counter. Or a farmhouse sconce. Add a piece of framed artwork. Need a little inspiration? Come and see us!