Modern Farmhouse? Like that’s a trend! A crazy oxymoron? Not at all. This trend is big from coast to coast. The Farmhouse is all about Americana, from a screen door that snaps shut to galvanized steel light fixtures. Some our first social media photos at Madison Lighting were taken in a fabulous barn rehab with soaring ceilings and skylights, deep country upholstery and rag rugs.

Now, here comes the clash of modern with farmhouse, a spring breeze blowing away the tchotchkes. Like a breath of fresh air find clean lines, gorgeous uncovered windows, and beautiful woodwork, refurbed wood floors, and a lot less stuff. Gotta have a big old farm table where friends and family gather, but barn-style lighting? Not necessarily. With a nod to it’s modern aesthetic, you might see several open-worked light fixtures overhead, just the bones.

Vaulted modern ceilings are warmed up with a wash of light. It bounces across the interesting angles and shimmers down on a seating area near the fireplace. Add another layer of light there with a sculptural lamp that’s part art and part utilitarian- and there is that nod the Farmhouse useful and Modern virtuosity.

Look up and there is gorgeous millwork on that ceiling, and floating over it, an oversized light fixture. It sort of takes your breath away because this lighting is meant to be focal. It weighs in the balance with the larger pieces of furniture and is special to look at but also lights the room.

And a rustic beaded chandelier in the bedroom? Why not!? With a nature-inspired palette it works with beautiful wood: beams overhead and wide plank flooring, and dark painted wood trim at the windows a bit more lustrous as the same color on the walls. Romantic? Oh yeah.

One thing we love at Madison Lighting is artisanal lighting. It’s “right place at the right time” lighting that we snap up in our travels. Repurposed glass, wire and wood crafted it’s upcycled into something almost whimsical, perfect for the Modern Farmhouse breakfast table. Comfort and elegance in one package. Modern Farmhouse. We’ll show you how.