You’re working from home, keeping the kids busy at home, cooking summertime suppers, cramming a lot into each day, and, maybe it’s time. Maybe you could tune out, open the windows, kick back, and just chill out like its… summer. It’s less than 100 days, and we long for summer the rest of the year. Porch, deck or patio, we love being out there. One thing that makes porch-time really pleasant? A quality ceiling fan that’s built for damp or wet spaces.

You flip a switch and the air instantly cools around you. The annoying little devils (no not the kids, the mosquitos!) disappear because the fan stirs the air a little too much for them. You look out across the yard and it’s so green. You see the lightening bugs, and time just sort of stands still. Soon the stars will be out. The traffic quiets. And you just relax.

Consider a “porch day.” Bring the magazines and books out. Bring a pitcher of iced tea out. Tell the kids they’ll be playing card games today on the porch. Bring lunch out, then bring supper out. Spend the whole day out there just chillin’.

We can help make that day happen. We’re kind of experts at ceiling fans, their sizes, their motors, their ratings, and their style. Because if you’re gonna do porch days, it might as well look great, too. Come and see us at Madison Lighting, or make a virtual shopping appointment with us. Together we’ll pick out the right fan. Porch days. Another glass of iced tea?