We’re done with it. Done with the idea that a cheap knock off is going to “spark joy.” Oh yes, we’ve been watching Marie Kondo on Netflix! And in a moment that did spark joy, we decided to buy only what we really love. It’s a lesson I’m taking from many of the millennials we help through the lighting process here at Madison Lighting. They’ll search out the perfect piece for their space, save for it, and acquire it. Boom. No settling for a knock-off version with less presence and detail. The one.

Curating a look of your own? No more “buy the whole room” from a catalog page for you. When you’re living life, ideas are sparked from a beloved book, a vacation long dreamt of, a friendship that opens your eyes to new ideas. It leads to remarkable moments of discovery. Have you ever had that feeling, like, bringing home the perfect Moroccan tile and your world tilts for a second as you see the whole room come together? Or painted a boring white space a single saturated color and it quickly becomes your favorite space in the whole house?

Often a statement piece will straddle two styles. Adhering to a single style can be too constraining, too matchy matchy. Somehow a look that’s both farmhouse and European gives you room to imagine and to breathe. Room for your personal style to evolve. A statement piece is not always expensive, but it does speak to you. And it makes a statement that only something you’ll love for a long, long time can. It’s a sustainable choice, not a throwaway one. A showstopper. That is joy.