You get up early to get to the farmer’s market and pick out the best peppers and shallots for fall salads, and pears that you’ll savor with your favorite pork tenderloin recipe. You head for the kitchen when you get home and get the $5 bouquet into water. The morning’s bounty is covering the counter and fills the sink. You grab the iPad and look for some new recipes that fit this beautiful season. If you’re like we are you could spend the whole day in the kitchen cooking up seasonal fresh foods. I never enjoyed it like I do now. Why? A few years ago we redid our kitchen and in that remodel I had an epiphany. It involved lighting of course. Even the newest homes seem to have inadequate lighting: it’s in the wrong place. It’s scant. The switches don’t have dimmers. My clients are always troubled by it and my own kitchen drove me nuts. But with a bit of planning, a capable electrician, and countless hours “trying things on in my mind” I now have the kitchen I love to be in.

Good light for me starts at the counters. I think that a well-lit countertop makes the whole kitchen welcoming and fun to play in. I got just the right amount of light by combining two types of light: under-cabinet lights give me task lighting, and, recessed lighting in the ceiling positioned near the leading edge of the counters gives me the ambient light I love. With this part of the plan in place I added lighting that complements the décor in my kitchen. Some people like to rely strictly on recessed lighting to light the whole kitchen. But I love the artfulness of a fixture over the kitchen table or the sparkle of Italian glass pendants over a breakfast bar. I adore this big fixture and the way it crowns the butcher block in this kitchen by our friends at Brio for JG Development. I’m charmed by the way another trend, refined rustics, was represented in cool stools and crafted chandeliers in a kitchen we worked on late summer. Beautiful lighting brings an artistic aspect to your life and the spaces where you spend your time. Light. It’s everything in the kitchen.